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02-27-2006, 12:35 AM
[/URL]Horn: Holton T105G

Description: The T105 equals the popular Holton top-line professional models in every respect. Its unique "hybrid" design allows for lively, agile response along with full, resonant sound. The T105's great hall-filling projection is not often found on trumpets this articulate. It features a 11.66 mm (.459") bore, U-pull on the 1st slide assembly and fixed finger ring with stop-screw on 3rd slide. Both its tuning slide and 3rd slide are equipped with waterkeys.

Holton made the T105 an instrument that is as visually striking as it is well-designed. It is available in the choice of silver-plated with gold-plated trim or gold-plated with silver-plated trim.

Key: Bb
Bore: 11.66mm (.459")
Bell: Standard weight 4.8125" silver plated brass (T105S) or gold-plated brass (T105G)
Mouthpipe: Silver plated brass (T105S) or gold-plated brass (T105G)
Pistons: Monel material with double-slotted spring barrel, enclosed stainless steel springs and silent two-point non-metal piston guides
Slides: Nickel-silver outside and brass inside slides, U-pull on 1st slide assembly and fixed finger ring with stop-screw on 3rd slide
Waterkey: Tuning slide, 3rd slide
Finish: Silver-plate with gold-plated slides and trim (T105S) or gold-plate with silver-plated slides and trim (T105G)
Mouthpiece: Holton 7C

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