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02-27-2006, 06:32 AM
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Description: The GTB 512 is a .500-bore tenor made in Elkhart, Indiana--America's brass instrument capital. While it is has an entry-level price and would serve well as a student instrument, it has enhanced features and an overall level of quality that advanced players will appreciate. It is an excellent jazz instrument--responsive with a well-balanced tone.

The GTB 512 reflects the Giardinelli tradition of excellence established by our founder, Robert Giardinelli over 50 years ago. The company has long been respected in the brass world--among both jazz and symphonic musicians--for our high-quality mouthpieces. Over the years, Giardinelli has also commissioned brass instruments to be made to Giardinelli design and quality specifications and sold under the Giardinelli banner. Our instruments have always been notable for their combination of high quality and low price. The GTB 512 is the latest of these and our most successful yet in terms of value.

The GTB 512 has a .500" bore and an 8" 2-piece hand-brazed and hand-spun yellow brass bell. The outer slide is red brass and the inner slide nickel silver with hard chrome plating. The tubes are meticulously aligned for flawless slide action. The bell is artfully hand-engraved by a master craftsman, a feature that is rare even among high-end instruments these days. The outfit comes with a Giardinelli mouthpiece and a durable molded case with separate slide compartment, adding to an already remarkable value.

Giardinelli GTB 512 Trombone Outfit Features:

Made in the USA
Key of Bb.
.500" bore
8" 2-piece hand-brazed, hand-spun bell
Hand engraving in a floral motif on bell
Rose brass outer slide
Nickel silver inner slide with hard chrome plating
Nickel trim
Clear epoxy lacquered finish

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