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02-27-2006, 06:32 AM
[/URL]Horn: Laskey Pinc Bb Trumpet

Description: The Bb Trumpets
ML Bore (.459)

Bell Option 1

This is presently our "standard" Bb. The bell is a traditional "37" style bell. The sound is vibrant and thick. While ideal for orchestral playing, everyone likes how it plays up in the upper register.

Bell Option 2--The Laskey-Pinc Design

A trumpet with this bell will remind you of some of the old classic trumpets. While initially bright to many, there is a unique quality to the sound of this bell. Commercial players love the thick brilliance, and with the right mouthpiece, it becomes an outstanding orchestral trumpet as well. In a recording we heard using this trumpet bell, both Ron and I were amazed by how much warmth comes through.

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