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02-27-2006, 12:30 PM
[/URL]Horn: Besson BE943

Description: The Besson Sovereign BE943 Bass Trombone is the perfect addition to any band or symphony orchestra. An excellent foundation for any trombone section, the Sovereign BE943 Bass Trombone creates a deep, rich, lush sound with incredible response. The bell is composed of yellow or rose brass for a sound that suites any musical environment. The trombone's double trigger system has exceptionally smooth action and is aligned with the thumb in normal playing position for comfort. Renè Hagmann™ free flow valves generate a free air stream feel not normally associated with a rotary valve.

Alternative tuning slide on G trigger
Bell Diameter: 241mm (9.5")
Bore: 14.29mm (.563")
Chrome plated nickel inner slides
Deluxe stitched case with plush lining
Finishes: Lacquer or silver plate with yellow (BE943) or rose (BE943R) brass bell
Key: Bb/F/G,Eb,D
Open wrap
Two inline, independent free flow Renè Hagmann™ valves
Water keys: 1
Weight: 2.63kg (5lb 5oz)
Wide heavyweight brass outer slides

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