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02-27-2006, 02:30 PM
[/URL]Horn: Besson BE956

Description: The Besson Sovereign BE956 Baritone is a superb professional instrument that will improve the performance of the individual and the quality of the ensemble. A compensating model, the BE956 Baritone has improved intonation in the lower register and its patented spring damper set allows for quieter valve action.

4 bottom sprung stainless steel valves
Bell Diameter: 241mm (9.5")
Bore: 13.89mm (.547")
Covered wood shell case, plush lined, fitted interior
Finger buttons inlaid with mother of pearl
Finishes: Epoxy lacquer and silver plate
Key: Bb
Patented spring damper set
Upright bell
Water keys: 5
Weight: 2.84kg (6lb 4oz)

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