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09-01-2006, 05:12 PM
Hello all, I'm new here (obviously). I have a question for you all, maybe you can help me. I am a twelfth grader in high school, and I have been playing the trumpet for just about eight years now. According to my directors I fall into the 'advanced' player category and since I have been playing with the same horn since fourth grade I have decided that it is time for an upgrade. About two years ago, I got a silver bestler trumpet (I don't know what kind) for christmas. The horn is okay, it has a good tone but the valves aren't the greatest and the finish is coming off only after about a year of serious play. It is also VERY leaky. So this year I decided that it is time for yet another upgrade, but I know nothing about what I should be looking for. My price range is only at the max. $1000 but I am looking for an intermediate to professional grade trumpet to further my talents this year and when I go to college to major in music. Does anyone have any suggestions for a cheaper horn that still plays well? For the past week now I've had my eye on a Jupiter 1200s, it looked pretty good, but since I have never tried one I have no idea how well it plays.

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09-10-2006, 12:55 PM
If you're looking for something as a music MAJOR in college that will serve you as well as it ought to until you graduate, you might need to consider raising your price ceiling to a little over $1500. It's not that much more, and it opens you up to some truly excellent horns.

First thing you should do is call the school you at which you intend to study - some colleges actually expect that their majors will use a certain make and model of horn - overwhelmingly this is the Bach Strad (180S37). If your school has no such requirement, I'd still point you either in that direction, or a Yamaha Xeno (8335 or upwards). There are others that are more than adequate, but those two are easily the most ubiquitous of the bunch.. keep in mind that due to the strike, most retailers are running low on the Bachs.

Unfortunately these horns will not come down much under $1500 if they're in good shape, even if you look on ebay. :( If make and model is not an issue, you MIGHT be able to find a great horn at a steal on auction.. but you never really know what you're getting that way, so I'd caution against it unless you have an expert with you.

Here's a link that will get you started in becoming an expert if you want.

The good news is that some retailers (I can think of one off the top of my head that I use all the time that still has a few strads in stock) will give you a terrific financing package that makes the extra money a no brainer!


06-04-2008, 11:41 PM
do you play a lot of jazz or mainly classical?

if you play mostly classical, go with a bach strad 18037, a stomvi or a jupiter or even some kings are good for this.

if your focus is jazz, the bach strad LR18043 and LR18072 are give an exelent sound. also, look into getsens, martins, yamahas, and some of the schilkes.

there really is no sustitute for a good professional horn, and dont just go buy one on the internet. find a good music store with a large selection and play them all, and see which one you like the best =]

11-20-2008, 09:52 PM
hi i saw a bestler trumpet on craigs list. I am a freshman in high school looking for a second trumpet to keep at home for practice. should i consider a bestler brand or is it JUNK.