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03-05-2006, 07:30 PM

Posted by: ChelatedExtreme

Review: Custom horns from a custom shop (a subdivision of Getzen). Go to the shop for a fitting if you can. Otherwise, they can make recommendations and ship you different parts to try out. Excellent packing on all their shipments.

The Thayer valve has a fairly long throw. Not really a problem (see Bullet Brace comments below).

The response is great, and a perfect slide.

Options are many - definitely get it with Edge Bracing, it does make a difference. The Bullet Brace will make it easier to hold and make the wide handslide much more comfortable to normal sized hands. It will however, make it slightly harder to work the trigger. This was not a problem until I got old enough to develop arthritis in my hands and thumb. After it got worse, I couldn't use the valve effectively with the Bullet Brace on. They worked with me on the problem, but their "short-throw" option didn't work that well.

While I loved this horn, I eventually sold it and used my Getzen straight bone for a few years while I searched for a horn with an F rotor that woudl fit my hand and situation better.

By the way, check out the Getzen Trombones. They make a number of models that are the same as the Edwards, but are soldered versions using the most popular Edwards options at a much better price. If you know what options you want, you can save a lot.

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