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05-12-2009, 12:21 AM
Review by: joshyb

Horn Review: Thought I'd give a slightly more comprehensive review of this Sop in case anyone is after some useful information.

I've been playing this sop for 6 months after moving from Bb cornet, I play with a championship section UK brass band and have spent a very intensive time getting to know the instrument.



My bands previous sop player prefered this horn to the Schilke because of reliability, I have never played a Schilke for any period of time so can't comment on that but the Yammie has been working hard many years and only has a jammed trigger (after a 'rest' when the band had temporarily folded). The valves are fine as long as you take care of them (like all Yammies) and everything else is in perfect working order.


I play on a slightly deeper mouthpiece than normal which obviously helps but it is possible to get a very nice sound out of this horn. It can 'zing' as well as other sops and can sound very gentle when needed (you have to give it air though, otherwise the sound can die and get very flat)


--Please bear in mind that these are cons compared to a theoretically perfect instrument, none of these cons make the horn un-usable, far from it--


Sops are always funny for intonation so this isn't really a suprise. 4th line D and top space E especially are quite flat but can be corrected with alternate fingering and triggers (un-usual alt fingering 3 can be very useful for the E). Bear in mind that I am playing on a deep (ish) mouthpiece so that may make things a little worse, but it is still usable.


The main thing I would change on this sop is the playing resistance. For me there is too much resistance and it takes a lot of effort and preperation in the practice room to be able to really play this thing (especially in contest situations (big final chord with a sop B at the end FFF etc...)) The small amount of time I have spent on the Schilke has convinced me that this isn't a sop problem in general, but then again 2K for the Shilke is a lot more than you pay for the Maestro.


This is a very good instrument for the money it costs (especially now the new Xeno is out) and can be used at as high a level as you want. However, if you can afford it I would still recommend the Schilke or Xeno (or other well regarded models such as Courtois but I haven't played any others) simply because they are fantastic instruments (and the next two items on my wish list!). Enjoy!

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