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05-12-2009, 06:25 AM
Review by: trptdoc

Horn Review: I originally owned a 6310Z as a professional player at Disney and foolishly sold it to my best friend years ago. After playing many brands in between and every new Yamaha horn since, I have come back around and now call the 8310Z my horn of choice and am in love all over again.

Even though I do a variety of playing from commercial lead to orchestral, I have been able to make this work in every professional setting. In fact, I have yet to be told that the sound is uncharacteristic by any orchestral player I respect,and most don't even know that it's suppose to be a so-called "jazz/lead" horn. Truthfully, with the right mouthpiece and sound concept, this horn can and will work for everything and in every setting.

From Bobby to Hakan to Roger Ingram and everyone in between, it's incredibly versatile and allows me to work less, but gain more benefit. Efficiency is the key to a successful career and this horn truly allows for that if you approach it correctly!

Happy hunting and if you are looking for a new horn, give it a whirl and you won't be disappointed, no matter the style!

Link to the Review (http://www.brassreview.com/reviews/showproduct.php?product=1075)