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03-05-2006, 09:34 PM

Posted by: Unregistered

Review: I purchased this horn (Zeus Olympus) from a Zeus dealer for $2,550 sight unseen. After getting the horn home, I played for hours. I loved the valves, the huge reverse lead pipe, the weight was perfectly balanced, the horn's finish (polished raw brass) is flawless, the Monel valves are buttery smooth. The problems began when I compared it to a Bach Strad or Yamaha Zeno or a Yamaha MV 6334, which I have played for years. I will agree that there seems to be no end to it and that it is as free blowing as any horn I've ever played. However, compared to the other horns mentioned, the sound was not focused, very diffused and sounded "airy," when compared to the focused, centered sound of the other horns. It is a beautiful horn and when I am leading my "big band" in the future, it will probably be wonderful for me. However, I play in a concert band currently and it doesn't sound nearly as centered and focused as the other horns mentioned.

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