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03-06-2006, 12:32 AM

Posted by: dizzyizzy

Review: Purchased upon recommendation of several very knowledgeable professionals from TulsaBand. Horn introduced by Bach in 01/2006. EXCELLENT horn in all respects. Equal to and "possibly" exceeds Schilke P5-4, nuff said. Only "time" will tell IF the VBS196 lives up to its potential to equal/replace the Schilke in orchestral work...but first glance is WONDERFUL. I already know of some distinquished professionals who are either "replacing" their high-end pics with the VBS196, or just adding it to their stable. Either way, it seems to have garned respect.

Excellent, bright tone, slotting wonderful for a pic; superbly finished. Having the ability to do Bb, A & G on one horn is nice, (all required conversion accessories included w/horn). Comes in a very nice, heavy leather gig bag...but...I still wish was a hard case.:D

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