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03-06-2006, 12:32 AM

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Review: Another custom shop. Many choices. The medium and large bore instruments are the same except for the handslide. I have the .525 version.

They also offer the handslide in a wide (Bach) version and a narrower (Conn) style. I have owned both Bach and Edwards with the wide handslide and ordered this with the narrower one, and it's perfect. I think it would fit most people better than the wide one.

I ordered the standard rotor valve - it has vary short throw, and fits my arthritic hand so that I can use it with no problem. They offered to customize the throw, but the stock arrangement worked fine.

Service can be a bit slow. Workmanship is great. Best handslide I've every had. Great responce and tone. No complaints.

One interesting option with their leadpipes - I had a number of mouthpieces from previous horns that were large shank. Shires makes a leadpipe that will fit the .525 slide but has a large shank receiver, so I can use my favorite mouthpieces from my .547 horns on the .525 slide. I also have their straight gooseneck, so I can switch out the rotor, put in the small shank leadpipe and mouthpiece, and use it as more of a jazz horn.

Drawback was its price, but I just love it. It will probably be the last horn that I ever own, and I may even sell my Getzen 3508Y (NOT - always good to have a spare, and I still really like the Getzen).

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