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03-06-2006, 12:32 AM

Posted by: iiipopes

Review: A good horn, made out of substantial brass. The slightly smaller bell (24 inches vs. 26 inches for most others) is much easier to navigate. With the proper mouthpiece, you can either project the length of a football field, or sound very tubesque and blend well inside. Anybody looking for a sousaphone has really only two choices, both rebuilt or refurbished horns: a pre-cyborg, er, um, pre Steinway/UMI Conn or a pre-cyborg King. NOTHING in the market that is "new" has the same musicality, quality or durability. 9 because Conn never makes the upper loop of the 1st valve side adjustable for the 1-3 and 123 valve combinations; you have to have that done yourself. But definitely do it, and pull the third valve side to get 23 combinations in tune, and all the low notes can be perfectly adjusted to tune with your left hand in a comfortable position.

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