View Full Version : What instrument is this Besson Protype?

Tashpotato Shaw
08-12-2012, 05:56 AM
Hi guys, I am really at a lose end as I do not know much about brass instruments.

My grandad was a keen musician, he played in Marske Silver Prize Band and Lingdale.
He played the Barotone and Cornet.

Unfortunately he passed about 15 years ago but as we have the house we were renovating found this instrument tucked away in the loft. He did have a collection but this was separate from all the others.
Shame on me, i dont kniow what it is or if its worth anything etc, I dont know much about brass apart from the corent i used to play. My head tells me it may be a euphonium.

Can anyone help me? I have posted some photos of the instrument...

Thanks guys :)