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01-18-2007, 06:43 PM
Use this forum to discuss the new advertising of the "True Bach" instruments.

01-18-2007, 06:44 PM
from BachBrass.com
http://www.bachbrass.com/truebach/index2.php (http://www.bachbrass.com/truebach/index2.php)
©Conn Selmer Inc.

Welcome to the new era of Bach Stradivarius. An era of which we believe Vincent Bach himself would enthusiastically approve.
“My recent visit to your Bach plant surprised me. I did not expect it to be so well organized and expertly managed. You have an excellent staff and competent artisans who appear to be very capable and intensely interested in their work. They are very successfully interpreting my drawings and eager to continue the Bach Tradition." Wishing you and your staff continued success, I am yours cordially,
Vincent Bach”This December 3, 1965 letter from Vincent Bach was testimony to the commitment to deliver Mr. Bach’s vision with every Bach instrument produced. To his passing in 1976, Mr. Bach kept continued keen interest and involvement in the design and production of Bach instruments. Now, thirty years after his death, Conn-Selmer has had the unique opportunity to examine the entire process of Bach instrument production as if looking through the eyes of the man himself, by revisiting his drawings and plans.

We found that, while Bach Stradivarius instruments were of very high quality and true to Bach’s designs, the methods by which these instruments were made had many additional steps and repeated processes. It was easy to see that, by returning to the types of processes Mr. Bach recommended, we could create instruments that were precisely what Mr. Bach envisioned.

In April of this year, production of Bach instruments became the sole responsibility of our production supervisors. Our supervisors are the most skilled workers in our facilities and have the ability to perform all activities at a very high level. At the time, there was a tremendous amount of bells, valve casings and other components throughout the plant. While a large amount of this work-in-process inventory is very costly and inefficient, this worked to our advantage in that supervisors were able to use these partially finished components to help meet much of the demand in the first half of 2006. It was during this time that we were also able to correct other areas of waste and inefficiencies as well.

By July, we had embarked on a new way – or rather an old, better way to craft professional instruments. This corrected method includes individual responsibility, small groups of craftsmen working together to build complete assemblies, correct equipment arranged for best possible flow, and dedication to producing an instrument of quality, each and every time.

Our goal is to meet customer demand – and exceed customer expectations. We will produce enough quality instruments to meet daily demand – one at a time. We measure and evaluate every assembly group for quality, capacity and output. We have supervisors and trainers that have documented the correct methods for crafting Bach Stradivarius instruments and have put in place a group devoted to Stradivarius quality led by long-time Bach heir, Tedd Waggoner. We have a full workforce dedicated to producing these instruments carefully and efficiently. We have also welcomed back a group of workers who have provided important continuity as well as minds open to improvements. By tapping our engineering and manufacturing capabilities at our other brass plants, we have enhanced our Bach instrument production capacity. We believe that, today, we are in a better position to meet Vincent Bach’s vision than in decades.

Currently, demand for Bach Stradivarius instruments is outpacing supply. It’s not the first time that players have had to wait for Bach Stradivarius instruments. However, many dealers have orders placed already and are receiving shipments daily. Our first focus is Bach Stradivarius models 180S37 trumpets and 42BO trombones, with a growing variety of other instruments coming on line during the first quarter of 2007. Many dealers have continued to place regularly scheduled orders so that regular shipments are received as soon as possible.

Bach Stradivarius continues to be, by far, the world’s choice in professional brass. We appreciate our position and responsibility to craft Bach instruments to the very highest standards, true to Vincent Bach’s expectations. We appreciate your patience as we continue our efforts to fill the demand, and we look forward to the new era of Bach Stradivarius – an era of which we believe Vincent Bach himself would enthusiastically approve.

Thank you for your support.

01-23-2007, 05:31 AM
from BachBrass.com
http://www.bachbrass.com/truebach/index2.php (http://www.bachbrass.com/truebach/index2.php)
©Conn Selmer Inc. I guess it beats telling the customers that since the workers went on strike they've been reliant on management and newly acquired workers who crossed the picket line to produce instruments. At least they've provided the serial number so we know what has been produced before and after the strike.

01-24-2007, 05:24 AM
Have you played one of the "True Bachs?" I've not seen one yet. Also interested in what additional literature is included with these new horns...

Would be interesting to see how they market these in stores...

01-24-2007, 07:12 AM
Have you played one of the "True Bachs?" I've not seen one yet. Also interested in what additional literature is included with these new horns...

Would be interesting to see how they market these in stores...

I haven't seen one or played one yet. I typically don't buy or recommend products produced of any kind while workers are on strike. That copy reads like some consultant came up with a way to attempt to put a positive spin on a labor dispute and give the workers who are out on strike another little jab. The workers have been throwing less subtle jabs at management too. I'm not sure any of this silliness really helps the situation.

01-28-2007, 09:39 AM
I visit Dillon Music fairly often, and have played a few of the "True Bachs" One 37 ML didn't sound right to me, the other 37 actually sounded fine. One thing that I found dissapointing is the finishing inside the slide, particularly when you remove the second valve slide. All 3 of my "NON TRUE's" are welded very cleanly inside the slide receiver down to the valve. When you look at the "True Bach", it appears very sloppy, and almost angled inside the 2nd valve slide receiver. It's really weird looking, check it out. Perhaps the new workers are still learning, but this DOES NOT reflect the quality fit/finishing you would expect. It was actually very sad to see, especially when I compare it with my "NON TRUE's".

Just one guy's opinion.

02-25-2007, 08:21 AM
I understand your topic from above, but any history you or fellow employees can share about the history of Bach instruments? We're always looking for additional information to share with our readers, members.

Thanks again -

04-15-2007, 10:35 PM
Recently my Bach Bb and C trumpets as well as my Schilke P5-4 piccolo trumpet were stolen from my truck.

I had a gig coming on Easter Sunday. I was in panic mode.
So I had to purchase a new Bb and C trumpets. I went to a local music store and found some nice Bach Trumpets. After trying several horns, I was lucky to find a C trumpet and one of those new True Bach trumpets. The C trumpet was made before the Bach Strike and the Bb trumpet was made after the strike according to these serial numbers.

My C trumpet has a beautiful focused sound. It is much better than my old C trumpet which had a lot of resistance. The Bb trumpet has a beautiful, full, rich free blowing sound. It is much better than my old Bb trumpet. The tuning is much better and it seems easier to play difficult technical pieces and my high range just soars with ease. The new True Bach trumpets are very, very nice indeed.

BTW. The Easter gig went very well.

Piccolo master

01-04-2008, 04:13 PM
Not going well over at the TM either.


reports of poorly built "chicago Cs"


Sounds like the new "True bach" didn't go over to well at the Namm Show. What do you think?:confused:



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