View Full Version : Questions on a double embouchure.

11-04-2007, 05:27 PM
Hey I was wondering if any could help me with this. I play 2nd chair in a local jazz ensemble. We have a pretty big library (over 200 charts) ranging any where from Standards, to Maynard Ferguson, to Latin, to Gordon Goodwin, etc. The second book has a lot of different styles of solos and I have been trying to keep up a double embouchure so that I can play all of the different styles correctly. I use a Yamaha Bobby Shew-lead mouthpiece for any swing, latin, etc. as well as a Bach 5c for any ballads or patriotic songs. I have been having trouble keeping up that double embouchure and I am wondering if anyone has any good excersises that could help or any other advice for me. Thanks.