View Full Version : Bach 37 with * on leadpipe

12-11-2007, 10:43 PM
My Bach 37 has a Star on the leadpipe, but is not a lightweight bell or body (I know the body is a standard weight because I replaced the main tuning slide with an M/K Drawing and the standard and lightweight tuning slides are not compatible - mine required the standard).

I contacted Conn-Selmer to see if they could locate the shop card for my Bach. Unfortunately, they were not able to locate the shop card, but they said that the general concessus of the Bach folks who have "been around for a long time" was as follows: They are 95% sure the star stamped on the hex-mpc receiver indicates it's for a lightweight pipe, but there is a 5% chance it indicates an "open" pipe.

Can anybody verify this? Does anybody else have a star on just the leadpipe?