View Full Version : Silver plated or clear lacquer

03-04-2008, 07:38 PM
I have a Strad 37, but the model number is not printed on the trumpet. I bought it 25 or 30 years ago while I was in high school and the sales receipt says that it is an S180 ML. The serial number, 160573, is on the 2nd valve and the bell is marked 37, but I don't see the S180 reference on the horn. The trumpet is silver in color, but I'm not sure if it's silver plated or has a clear lacquer finish, or both. When I in school I polished it with a cloth designed for nickel silver (still have the cloth), but when I started playing again I bought a cloth for silver and silver plated, but it cautions user not to use on lacquered finishes.

So....I'm not sure what I have. Can anyone advise? Thanks very much.

03-10-2008, 12:50 PM
The Bach Stradivarius trumpets in b-flat or c are model 180 the 'S' indicates a silver finish, the 'ML' a medium large .459" bore size. The instrument is silver plated and does not have lacquer applied after plating. They only apply lacquer to unplated instruments to prevent tarnishing. The cleaning cloth for silver is 'slightly' abrasive to remove any tarnish from the silver. The ones for lacquer instruments just remove fingerprints.