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01-20-2010, 05:23 PM
I just acquired what I think is a vintage Bach Mercedes Trumpet. What can you tell me about this trumpet and when was it made. On the bell, it says: Vincent Bach, Mercedes model, New York It has a serial #5920 I purchased it at a Salvation Army store for $50.00 It has a lacquered finish (about 80% intact) I had the horn chem cleaned and new corks and felts. The nickle valves work great. I played it at my Jazz rehearsal and it played great, may be better than my 1986 anniversary model strad.

01-20-2010, 09:44 PM
Wow, you got a good deal for the early Bach Mercedes... My guess it would be from the mid 1940's., most likely from 1942-1945... Are there any other numerical markings on the bell? I own an early Bach Mercedes (serial # 92XX), and it plays just great. Your horn was most likely made of extra parts, and because of that some are great players, some not so good of players... If you really want the details on your horn, contact Conn Selmer (Elkhart, IN), and ask for the "shop card" very nicely and they can show you the original details of your horn...

If you look in the trademark registry, you'll find the Mercedes application filed in 1927.

"Mercedes" trademark filed
Filed: March 21, 1927
Registered: May 31, 1927

Hope that gives you some more background on your horn. Anyone else out there that would like to add some more details?