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05-16-2010, 11:45 AM
Hey All;

Like others posting here, I came back to playing an instrument after taking many years off. In my case, my Bach 42G trombone sat in its case for nearly 25 years before I picked it up again. I would argue that the one positive thing that occured over those 25 years was that all those bad habits I developed in playing no longer were bad 'habits.' I actually think I am a better player after a couple of months of practice than I was when I put the horn down all those years ago.

Thus, I would suggest that any young players out there that are at a stopping point in their playing (not getting better over a long period of time), take a break from playing over the summer, or whatever. When you come back to the instrument, stress the fundamentals and think about why you are doing what you are doing. nough' said...

With that out of the way, I play a Bach 42G that I bought new from Chuck Levin's in MD, built in the late 80s (ser#70240) as a straight silver plated horn (apparently they were not building silver plate horns at this time so I had to special order the horn and waited 6 months for it to be completed - I can't recall what the issue was). I also bought a pair of Axial Flow valves from the original O.E. Thayer company (ser#71 & 72) and had them installed by a master craftsmen in Charlottesville, VA. Thus, creating the first (at least according to Ed Thayer) double axial flow valved tenor trombone in existence. I love this horn and would never part with it. I heard Ed died a few years ago, RIP. He was a wonderfully kind and considerate gentleman and a great designer...

Richmond, VA