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08-08-2010, 06:58 AM
From my email today

I just purchased two 1935 Bach. A cornet and a trumpet. GREAT PAGE YOU HAVE. I was wondering if you know where I can find the information to request a copy of the shop card from Bach? I know I did it once before ,but it's been awhile. Much thanks. Once I get them I will provide you the information to add to your serial # list. Cornet # 3099 Trumpet # 2849

The best way to get a shop card is to contact Conn Slemer in Elkhart, IN and VERY politely ask for customer service, and describe that you are trying to get a copy of the shop cards for your very early Bach instruments. If you treat them very nice, they will get a copy to you.

Here's the contact details.

Conn Selmer
1000 Industrial Parkway
Elkhart, IN 46516-5526
(574) 295-0079