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08-09-2010, 08:24 PM
from my email today


I am looking to sell my a Model 37 Stradivarius. The SN is 65763. I personally know nothing about trumpets and was looking for a bit of expert advice. I'm not sure what to price this at. I have a vintage case and two mouth pieces - one 5C and one 7C. It also comes with a vintage mute.

Any information you could provide me with regarding the instrument and how to sell it to a someone who is serious about the instrument would be wonderful.

I would read this thread on determining the value of your trumpet


Your trumpet would be from the early 1970's, and is a common model 37 Strad. I would post on eBay, or look at some of the trumpet related discussion forums such as TrumpetHerald, or TrumpetMaster.

Good luck -