View Full Version : Student-intermediate trombone history

08-23-2010, 12:04 PM
Hi, I am looking for info on the intermediate trombones, mainly from the 80's (pre-Omega). The models I'm curious about are:

Model 836 - "Bach USA" stamped on the 8" 2-piece bell; slide is identical to a 36 slide except the handgrip is chrome plated. The trigger set-up is identical to a 36B. .525 bore.
I have 2, both made in the late 80's.

Model 894 -"Mercedes II" 7 1/2" 2-piece bell, slide is Bundy-like with chrome plated grip, brass slide with no nickle ferrels, slide lock is Bundy-ish, and there is a ring alongside the mouthpiece reciever for the index finger. The thumb goes around the brace to work the trigger lever (King-like) Not sure of the bore - maybe .509?

I think, based on the serial #s, that these 2 models overlapped in production. Were these models made by Bach or Selmer? Somewhere I've heard that Selmer made the student line. I've seen both, and if I had to guess based on appearance and playability I'd say that Bach made the 836 and Selmer made the 894; the former being closer to the 36B. Both came in the black woodshell cases.
I would appreciate any inside info on where these were made and if/why they made 2 intermediates simultaniously. And impressions, if anyone has or has had one.