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09-06-2010, 07:49 AM
From my email this week.

I own a 40B trombone (New York). It appears to be a 45 bell flare on a 42 valve section. I have never seen another like it. Are you familiar with it? I bought it with a Mt Vernon slide (that was not original to it) so I've been unable to find out anything about it from Bach.

I've also not seen this combination before. That said, Bach will build many custom configurations based upon the customers request.

How does it play?

10-28-2010, 10:04 AM
The person who emailed you does NOT have a 45 bell on a 42 valve section. They own a Bach 40B. This was a horn that shows up in some of the mid 40's catalogs. It was a horn that had a dual bore .525/.547 slide. The valve was made from the same parts as the 36B and 42B. The bell is an oddity though. It was made from a different manderel than either the 36, or 45. It was the "large" bore trombone model for that time.

I have only seen one in my life and I would like to find one for myself one day. It was an unpopular model, I think manly to its playing charateristics. The 40B had a 9 inch bell and a medium bore. I would consider to be more a "german" style trombone than in American one. The 40B was discontinued before the Mt. Vernon years and was replaced by the 42B.

The 40B bell has a more narrow throat and larger flare then the 45B. I thnk another part that is a "one-off" for this model was the tuning slide. I think the larger side of the slide was a size between the 36 and 45. So restoring a horn like this may be impossible if you needed that part.

I will try and post my scans of the 40's era catalog to show you the 40B.