View Full Version : Fantastic site and a Bach Loyalist.

10-17-2010, 03:19 AM
Hello everyone. I am a professional freelance trumpeter in Vancouver BC, Canada. I perform mostly in Symphony Orchestras, Chamber ensembles and solo trumpet with organ. This website looks great. It is well organized, clean and easy to follow.

I currently use 3 Bach-Stradivarius horns.

Bb Trumpet 180ML (True Bach). I love this horn.
C Trumpet 180CC (Chicago). Another fantastic horn.
Bb Cornet 184L (1st slide trigger replaced with U saddle) This horn is awesome and had valve alignment work done. Plays great.

I recently tried out the Artisan Bb and C trumpet.

The Bb Artisan trumpet plays similar to my Bach Stradivarius.
The C Artisan trumpet plays really well. Unfortunately better than my Chicago C. However, I am going to have the valves re-aligned. Hopefully by then my Chicago C will play equally as well as the Artisan C trumpet.;)
I am curious about the Eb and the Eb/D trumpet. If it is better than my Schilke E3L, then I wouldn't hesitate in purchasing the Artisan or trading up for it.