View Full Version : Information on early Elkhart Strad? lots of pictures to share!

10-22-2010, 07:24 PM
New member here and I really love this site. Just ran across it a couple days ago and have spent hours browsing.

I've played for almost 20 years now and my main trumpet it a standard Strad 37 ML. Bought it in 1994 I believe, SN 423207.

I'm looking into buying a horn from a friend of mine. SN 49446. The horn is in near perfect condition. I of course was blow away with how good of shape it and it's case were in, but what really got me is how well it plays. It's a completely different horn than my later model. I of course fell in love instantly.

He bought the horn from a dealer in Indiana about 5 years ago. I think he said the dealer had been holding on to it for a while just waiting for the value to go up. The dealer told him that when they first moved the factory to Elkhart that they put out a "limited edition" horn, the first 50,000 produced. Is this true? The horn has gold on the inner bell, all the tuning slides are in gold, top and bottom valve caps along with the buttons are gold. I also noticed that on the third slide ring it is ingraved with the number 440.

I'm continuing to research this horn and hope to come up with what would be a fair value. I still have yet to find anything on this "limited production". What would any of you guys pay for this horn? And again I'd appreciate any info you can share on this horn. I'll try to get pictures attacted here to the post.

10-24-2010, 09:47 AM
I've seen many other trumpets form that era, and have never heard of a limited edition run of 50,000 trumpets... Yes this is an early Elkhart trumpet, roughly the Elkhart serial numbers started in the 30,000's...

The trumpet looks in great shape, good luck!