View Full Version : Bach Strad ML181 Cornet Water keys

12-04-2010, 08:12 AM
I have just bought a Bach Strad long model cornet serial number 198525 which dates it at around 1980. This cornet has 2 water keys both on the lead pipe, one is on the lower part of the first bend and the other is on the bend just before the lead pipe enters the valve block. The first key is used often and is the traditional position for a water key, the second is occasionally tried but there is never any water there. During every practice / playing session I have to drain the 3rd valve slide which involves removing the setting nuts which is inconvenient. I notice that the latest ML181 models now have only one water key which is in the traditional position, does anyone know when the other lead pipe key disappeared and why the 3rd valve slide is still not keyed? Many cornets including my own Besson have 2 water keys, 1 on the leadpipe and 1 on the 3rd valve slide, why is Bach different?
I have to say that the Bach cornet is a nice easy blow and compared to many other cornets slots so well, I like the sound too.