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12-13-2010, 05:55 PM
I know my way around saxophones a bit but my daughter wants a Trombone. I know the Selmer (Bach) line from my reed days but need someones experience and wisdomn on a used Trombone, I have not yet looked at. I have asked the seller twice now to advise on any and all stampings on the Trombone. He states all he can see is "Bach-USA" and adds that it was originally purchased by him new in the mid 90's. I thought all instruments were stamped with their model and serial numbers ?!?!? and if this is true, believe it to be a beginner or student model. Does anyone have a more knowledgeable opinion that can add to this mystery?

Thank you

01-06-2011, 09:09 AM
Hey Saxman,
The horn is a student model. The serial number would not be stamped on the bell but instead on the slide receiver. So the person selling the horn may not know that and not give you the information. I am pretty sure the horn is a "stencil" horn. That is, it is not made by Bach at the Bach factory. Instead it is farmed out work to another company, usually Jon Bao of China who is licenced to make the horns, stamp "Bach-USA" on the bell and sells them in bulk to Bach dealers. The Bach student model horns I have seen and played were not very good. It always seemed to me that since the 80's, Bach has barely even tried to compete in the student line market with in-house made instruments.

From my teaching experience, when it comes to student line trombones, you can not go wrong with a good Yamaha YSL 354 or a Jupiter (I forget the model number). They are well built, affordable and easy to play. However, when it comes to pro-level horns, Bach is my horn of choice.

I hope this helps.