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01-29-2011, 08:16 AM
From my email today.

We have a Bach Stradivarius Elkhart Model 37 with a seriel number of 44175. It is silver with gold inside the bell, main tuning slide, top and bottom of valves and ends of both secondary tuning slides. I cannot find any information about any Model 37's with the gold and silver. Can you provide any info? Date made? Does it have a special name? etc...? Another kid at school is trying to tell my son that he thinks it is a "fake" and not a real Bach. We kinow better, but cannot find documentation.

From the serial number you provided, your Bach was most likely built in the 1968-1969 time period. This was at the time Bach trumpet mfg. was moved to Elkhart, IN as part of the purchase by the Selmer company.

With regards to the gold and silver plating, there were options to have that configuration by special order (still is today). Most likely this was a special ordered trumpet.

Are there any other marking on the leadpipe/mouthpiece receiver? Any numbers there?