View Full Version : Vincent Bach 3C mouthpiece - lettering

05-19-2011, 07:05 AM
from my email today

Dear Admin, I have a question here: recently I bought a Vincent Bach 3c Mouthpiece.
It really looked old, hard to say how old, and the letters are stamped very, very thin, saying VINCENT BACH 3C. They are as tall as the newer Bach stamps are, but it is impossible that it is not younger than at least 30 years. Do you have any idea of the period it was made? I can`t find this stamps nowhere else. If you could give me an answer it would be fine.

Thanks for the email, can you refer to these images and let me know which lettering it most closely resembles?


If it does not have New York on the mouthpiece, it is most likely from the Elkhart era. The photos in the link above should give you a good reference. If it looks different than anything in the link, please login into the forums, and upload a few images for others to comment on.