View Full Version : 4 decades searching for the perfect horn

06-23-2011, 10:17 AM
I've spent a ridiculously large amount of time looking for the slightest advantage in a trumpet/mouthpiece combo. However interesting and exciting, this lifelong (51 years of age at present) search and study has during this time led me into buying about 50 highend trumpets of several brands and vintages, and more kilos of mouthpieces than I like to talk about..
Amazingly enough I've actually found the trumpet and mouthpieces that bring me happiness, but I think the time could have been wiser spent by practicing..
Anyhow, for you looking for the smoothest piece ever made..;
Look out for a 40's or preferably 30's issue of Olds Super. My -32 is "as new" except for the laquer, with a somewhat rare large bore ("SYM") bronze bell. This trumpet is disguising itself to do whatever you like from broad, soft solos in funerals to armorpiercing leadtrumpet on stage. It has fantastic fast valves and gives you the feel, smoothness and power of a Lamborghini.
I have several Schilkes, Bach, Conns, Yamahas and others which many are very nice, but none are in the same sfere as the Super, in my opinion.
I've also had the fortune of owning a fantastic flugel; the now discontinued and almost-impossible-to-find French "Couesnon Monopole Conservatoire, mod. 142".
These are of course my personal preferences and for this reason subjective choices. Many trumpetplayers have other favourites and are perfectly happy with their choices. But among all wind instrument performing groups I believe there are none having members as equipment-fixated as us. So for all of you who wonder what trumpet to look for; get a nice 30's or 40's "Olds Super" (on Ebay sometimes) and prepare for a shock and immediately falling in love.

06-26-2011, 10:26 AM
Sounds great! I have a 1936 olds completely restored and it is really a nice playing horn. My son has a 1942 that I think even plays better than mine