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03-06-2006, 06:48 AM

Posted by: Unregistered

Review: I have played two of these. One was from 1974 and the other was from 1998. It says a great deal about Yamaha's commitment to standardization that they both sounded and responded alike. The response of these horns is good, and so are the Yamaha valves. These are good euphoniums, but, as with most Yamahas, quite expensive.

I have racked up a few complaints over the years about these euhphoniums, but not many. I've found that I always have to pull the fourth valve slide out. This means the horn doesn't fit in the molded case. Also, that fourth slide is not protected enough. It's too far off of the back of the euphonium, and is right in the strike zone. Also, this horn is heavy.

Despite these complaints, I've found these to be good euphoniums, up for almost anything (except rock, they can't blow out anybody's eardrums).

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