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03-06-2006, 06:48 AM

Posted by: Unregistered

Review: I have played several different models of this tuba, and found them all to be cumbersome, both to hold and use. They have a great sound when you play quiet, and they have a great case. Oh, and they don't dent easily.

All of the YBB-641s that I have played have had valves slower than molasses in January. I oiled one up as much as I could, and still they were unbearably slow. You can get around this difficulty if you're fast enough with the valves, but there is a part of this tuba that I just can't get over. There are a few notes, such as Ds, that are horrible to get to or get off of. As you land on these notes, they invariably cause a blip in the sound, if not even more annoying effects. This, and this tuba's abrasive sound when played loud, just ruin it for me.

I can't recommend this tuba, and I don't understand why so many band programs use these ridiculously high-priced horns in favour of better, cheaper prospects.

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