View Full Version : Information about #93663 patent date oct. 2 1924 by Frank Holton &Company #1

01-28-2012, 02:07 PM
I am interested iin finding and information on this trumpet. My mother received this trumpet when she was in her school band. in 1934. I have had the trumpet since her death and have cleaned it a couple of times and wonder if I should keep it cleaned or will it damage the finish. It seams to be a good grade of silver because I she no obvious signs of the silver being worn off. I know my mother cleaned it quite often because she had it on display in a case in her living room. Any information would be appreciated. Note on the bell of this trumpet there are vines and flowers engraved on the bell around the"made by Frank Holton and Co." Valve #2 also has the Frank Holton and co. Elkhorn Wis.#93663 Thank You