View Full Version : Frank Holton Trumpet W/ Original Case Serial#96096

01-30-2012, 10:08 PM

Several years ago I was given a trumpet with it's original case. At the time I thought it was beautiful, old, and a fun novelty that I put in the back of my closet. Rediscovered it last night and decided to do some research on it. Couldn't turn up anything on my own, but I found you all here!

Here it is: Has "Frank Holton & Co Elkhorn Wis." etched with an ornate leaf pattern on the horn. I have seen this on other models I have seen online so I know this is not unique of the instrument in question. This is also stamped on the body near the "keys" (I lack musical terminology) with the serial number: 96096. Patent date is 10/21/1924. LP is found near where the mouth piece connects. The mouthpiece I have is Model#2.

I have the music stand, something that looks like an allen wrench, and one other piece I might assuming is used for tuning if that applies with this instrument? I reminded me of a piano tuning key...

As you can tell I am trumpet illiterate so your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you all so much for taking a look.:)