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03-01-2012, 09:03 AM
I just picked up a Bach 43. Cant really find much info on this one in particular, because its a little odd. Its Silver in color and engraved, the serial number is ML 0120 and was made in Elkhart IN, it has a 6 sided metal, gold in color emblem or badge mounted above the word stradivarius, it shows just a number 43 for model and has the circled "R" without "Corporation". There are no serial numbers on the valves, just 1,2,3 with plastic guides. The nut shaped part where the mouth piece goes in has the number 195 stamped into it. Any help would greatly be appreciated since this serial number is throwing me off. I can email pics, since I havnt figured out how to add them to my post. Thanks in advance!

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03-01-2012, 03:19 PM
It's a limited edition horn, probably modeled after a vintage horn.

The 120 is its serial number out of the build of that run. There were usually 2000 built of each limited edition if I recall correctly.

Value is the same as any recent 43LR I'd guess.

Edit - if you can believe google, it's an anniversary model from 1988. The model number is stamped on the lead pipe - 195.