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bob dorn
04-07-2012, 02:10 AM
Hello, from this new member. I've been playing on a Bach Strad 37 since the mid-90s or so. I've looked up the serial number trying to learn something about its provenance, at least the year of manufacture and any information on its bore, compatibly sized mouthpieces for good tonal variation. I've tried Bach loyalist and David Miller's sites, each of those very interesting. (A very sweet and dark-toned version of "Nature Boy," by the way, Mr. Miller). But none of the sites is showing any information on my horn.
On the center piston near the bottom is the ML, which I suspect means medium bore. Above that, and about a third of the way down on that same piston is the number 376084. The horn is silver plated all over and the bell has a very simple five line design, starting at the top and continuing in the direction of the bell:
Stradivarius/Model 37/ Vincent Bach's signature underlined, with the R symbol over the signature at 'n', Elkhardt, Ind and, finally U.S.A underneath that.
As I said, I can't find the number on any of the various schedules , not even when I consider that the initial 37 should be ignored. Certainly the horn can't be so old as to have a four-digit serial number.
Any help on this would be much appreciated.

04-07-2012, 06:46 AM
ML = Medium Large Bore
376084 = 1992-1993 (http://www.bachloyalist.com/serial-numbers-trumpet/)
Another reference would be the user submitted serial database (http://www.bachloyalist.com/database-trumpet/?brand=Stradivarius&frm-page=5) which would also indicate around 1992 time frame.

Hope you find this helpful.