View Full Version : Age and value of trumper

08-10-2012, 05:20 PM
Hi - I have a stradivarius I bought used a number of years ago. I am trying to figure out when it was made and how much it may be worth. The trumpet is in good condition, with only a few dings and scratches. It has one slide that needs a little work. It is a model 37 and has ML 63475 on the middle key. These are the only identifiers I can find. Can someone help?

08-12-2012, 05:49 PM
A rough guess, based on the serial number lists on the 'net, say 1971 or 1972. It's the most common variety of Stradivarius - a medium large bore/37 bell.

Value is going to depend on its condition and how bad someone wants it. I've seen them go from $500-1500. Me, personally, I would pay a max of $600 for it since it would cost about $600 to relacquer and remove the dings, and then try to resell it for $1400.

Others may have different opinions. Good luck in selling it.