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03-07-2013, 12:50 PM
I have a trumpet that I'm trying to figure out the value of. I picked it up a while ago and find that I'm not playing it much anymore, I'm a trombone player.

Information that I've found online:
Bach Stradivarius 25th Anniversary trumpet model 195. With number 43 bell.

Celebrates the 25th Anniversary between the Bach Corporation and the Selmer Corporation in 1986.

The trumpet has a reverse leadpipe, rounded tuning slide (I don't think so, looks square to me), commemorative medallion, 2 water keys, custom anniversary engraving, gold wash bell and accents.

The horn is in good condition, the silver and gold plating are 100%, all the slides and valves move freely. The only problem is some damage to the bell; a small crease and a couple of dents. Case in excellent condition. I'm just a trombone player but I think it plays great.

Any information on value would be greatly appreciated.