View Full Version : Bach Stradivarius 37 LR or Bach Stradivarius 43 (standard).

08-05-2013, 06:20 AM
Hello, everyone.
I am a high school student in the last grade (in Romania) and there is no store in my country where I could buy a profesional trumpet (Bb). I have a Bach Omega trumpet now (intermediate model) and I would like to buy profesional model (Bach Stradivarius model). I ask the most experienced about trumpets to help me choose a trumpet (ordering online from Thomann.de - Germany). I want to choose between Bach Stradivarius 37 LR and Bach Stradivarius 43 (standard). I play romanian folklore (a kind of polka) and I like tango and waltz, too. I own a Bach standard 1C mouthpiece. If anybody can give me tips, please help me. Thanks!...Sorry for my english...