View Full Version : Pruefer trumpet?

01-16-2014, 03:48 PM
The first son is playing the good horn, and the second son started playing on an ok, but old, Blessing cornet. It needs some repairs that we're not sure are worth it. We have an even older Bundy cornet that he's been using in the meantime, but that thing is jacked, and so I've been browsing craigslist . . .

Funds are severely limited. I found an old King 600 for $100(!), but the seller provisionally promised it to someone else (long, stupid story). While I'm waiting for that I came across a what looks like a pretty old trumpet by a company called Pruefer (Festival series). My preliminary research found a Pruefer company in Rhode Island from early last century that seemed to specialize in clarinets and saxophones. The clarinets were supposed to be decent. I've not seen anything about that company making brass instruments. It's a mystery. Thought I'd bring it up here.

Anyone ever heard of Pruefer as a maker of fine (or otherwise) brass instruments?