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11-16-2014, 09:30 AM
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by: No guy

Product Review: I've owned many Couesnons and a couple yamahas, so here's my take (relative to those horns, for comparison):This is by far the best modern (made in the past 40 years) flugelhorn I've ever played. My first pro was a yamaha 631 which is just fine for what it is, a doubler that is not really a traditional flugel, blowing open like a trumpet and with pretty good intonation. I've had Couesnons for many years, and this horn comes closest in sound to the best Couesnons, only its still not quite there, but very close. It's easy to play and it IS a for real traditional flugelhorn in the pre-war Besson-Couesnon tradition. I really wanted to like the newer yamahas, but they don't play or sound right for me. This horn offered superior intonation and playability, but with the sound and response I desire. If you are a trumpet jock type and you need a doubling horn for a pit orchestra, I don't think this is your best choice. If you play the flugelhorn, and hear and approach it from a different perspective than the trumpet (and you prefer the French style, not with a trumpet valve block), then I think this instrument is about the best you'll find.

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