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01-18-2015, 01:07 PM
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by: LuckyMe

Product Review: I wanted a short (shepherd's crook) cornet and went to look for a nice one. When this one came up, i read the reviews here first. The reviews here were not great, but I'm glad I took the chance to buy this little cornet anyway.It has a nice warm sound and can be loud when pushed. It' is at it's best when used with a heavy mouthpiece. I use a Denis Wick heavy top. I'm surprised about the "stuffyness" I keep reading, as I don't have that problem at all.The valves are quick and flawless, as with all Kings. To me it is a great catch.By the way, these were not made by UMI, imho, but were produced during the KMI period. They were the top of the line for King during that era.

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