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03-30-2015, 10:00 AM
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by: Isaias Jimenez

Product Review: I tried this horn for about a week. First of all its beautifully design! Looks very much like the Gansch model. it's hard to get used to the slotting, intonation, hearing feedback, left and right hand position. I don't believe it gives you any advantage over other commercial trumpets.If you have the money($6k+) and want a uniue trumpet this is it. If you want a good trumpet there are many many many better options. Monette or harrelson for example.I've heard a Bach and this model back to back for a few hundred feet and I would take Bach any day of the week. I would compare the sound and feel to a olds ambassador trumpet, but prettier.For the ($6k) I would think you are just paying for the design and "cool" factor not a great horn.

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