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04-25-2015, 11:22 PM
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by: cyber_shake

Product Review: Proline Concert Hall series is similar to the standard series, but the mouthpiece body has more mass (see 3rd picture) with milled out 'rings' look distinctive while giving better centering while playing. Similar to the MegaTone or other larger mass mouthpiece, it is a bit heavier than most standard mouthpiece designs. It added a Major 3rd in comfortable playing range to me over the Bach 3C and Schilke 14B4 that I had played for decades. It is in the 3C family, but has a tad more shallow cup. Overall, a great mouthpiece that blends well in the section and is great to play. I really, really like the rim, which is flatter than most on the market, which I find super comfortable and better for endurance to me. The Proline Concert Hall models cost about 3x the standard series, but play better to me.

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