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07-29-2015, 12:25 AM
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by: J. Jericho

Product Review: The Olds Studio is an unusual horn in several ways. The appearance (always a priority for Olds) is striking, with its bell having a brass taper and a nickel silver flare. Often a two-piece bell has interlocking tabs at the seam between the taper and the flare; the Studio does not, which gives a smooth transition between the two. I like trombone-style water keys, as they usually allow the discharge to go straight down without ending up on one's clothes, unlike standard ones. I would prefer the water key on the 3rd valve slide to match the one on the tuning slide, and some Olds models have this feature. Another feature that I like is the unusual design of the pulls on the 1st and 2nd slides; it sets the Studio apart in a nicely subtle way.How can the timbre of a trumpet be both bright and full? Olds managed it in the Studio. The best description I can come up with for the sound is "lyrical"; it has the tonal color of a darker horn, but it's not dark. Intonation is very good, as is response. It's not as open as some trumpets, but the slight resistance is not objectionable. Valve action is typical legendary Olds. The one drawback of this trumpet is that the tight bell taper requires removal of quite a bit of material from mute corks, and Harmon-style mutes barely fit. If you have more than one trumpet, chances are you'll have to have an extra set of mutes that fit the Studio, and for this reason alone, I rated this model an 8. Without this difficulty, I'd give it a solid 9.FWIW - The subject of this review is a Fullerton model.

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