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08-05-2015, 04:43 AM
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by: edfitzvb

Product Review: I have had this horn for several years now and I love the sound that it has. I appreciate the sound more listening to someone else playing it than I do playing it myself. The feedback I get from my side is different from what I hear when someone else plays it. The low range (especially the pedal with the fourth valve depressed) is BIG and rivals the sound of a trombone. I often use this horn to cover French Horn parts in our church orchestra. Mine is paired with a Vincent bach 10 1/2 A flugel mouthpiece and it is pretty nimble. It is also heavy, and I do mean heavy. I would not have thought it would make that much difference, but after trying a friend's 3 valve Eterna, it was more relaxing to play. I am currently looking for another flugelhorn with a smaller bore and lighter weight.

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