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08-05-2015, 05:15 AM
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by: edfitzvb

Product Review: I recently bought this horn from a gentleman whose father gave it to him when he was in high school. I was specifically looking for a Bach 37 to blend with a player in my church orchestra. I lucked out with this horn, and knew it from the first note I played. It is a 5 digit serial number (317XX) horn from 1965, the first year at Elkhart. The original lacquer is a beautiful honey gold with three areas of wear after 50 years. The compression is flawless, and the sound is impeccable. Yes, it's a little bit harder to play in the high range then some horns I own, but the sound is what we're all after. I suspect that it will open up more after I play it more (I have 7 horns that I play regularly) because this horn is an example of why everyone recommends the Bach 37 model.

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