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08-12-2015, 06:02 AM
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by: edfitzvb

Product Review: OUTSTANDING ease of play. The horn I bought second hand gave me a rich tone and was the best horn I had played to that point. Mine was without trigger of any kind and had Amado water keys, but I understand that the first year or so they used standard water keys.Extremely free blowing, mine was a .460 bore and was a better fit for me than a custom horn that I had ordered. The only reason I didn't give the horn a 10 was that I greatly prefer lever water keys and I would have liked to have multiple tuning crooks (rounded and flattened) like the first few years. The case that the horn comes with is one of the nicest most functional cases I have ever seen. Additionally, the sound is SO clear that I fear the horn would not blend in a section as well as some others, but I was playing parts by myself, so it was an excellent fit for me. GREAT horn

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