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01-01-2016, 03:00 PM
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by: Majdan

Product Review: I bought this horn in Iraq in 2010 for $75 at a souk to have something to play over there. fiddled aroung on it and thought it a total POS. Last year I got into a bib band that had 8 trumpets and only 2 trombones and mentioned that I had a valve trombone and soon moved from the trumpet section forward a row to the trombone section. I figured that the tristar just wouldn't do so I bought an old 1924 Cousnon, then a 1940 Reynolds, then a 1970 Getzen 998. funny thing is that when I went back to the Tristar, with a real trombone mouthpeice it was played much better. Not as good as the Getzen but as well as the Reynolds and better than the Cousnon. I don't think that it will become my primary axe any time soon but it will do in a pinch if the getzen is in the shop. It sure looks better than either my Getzen or Reynolds and is a much shorter package. Not nearly the POS that people make it out to be.

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